Sir John Kothalawala College....

                                       Morning assembly



                                     Ku/ Sir Jhon Kothalawala College is situated in the city center of Kurunegala. Kurunegala is an ancient city surrounded by seven ranges of mountains named “Etugala”, Andagala”, ”Ibbagala”, Kuruminiyagala”, ”Yaddessagala”, ”Elugla”. It is in the North western province.

                                                                                     This school is declaredly opened on 16 -01-1974 in the plain covered by the palace of Hon .Bishop Lakdasa De mel.At that time the Bishop palace has used as the class rooms. At the outset it was called as “Bandaranayake Vidyalaya”opened by the collaboration of Hon.Piyadasa Wijesinghe a former member of the parliament. The main objective of establishment of this school was to avoid the high density of student population and the entrance competition of popular school and to provide more opportunities to rural younger generation.

                                                                                                                                                                      It was commenced with six teachers and fourteen students. But now it has increased up to 175 teachers and 4600 students. Now it is the largest school in the North Western province.

                                                               Our school is successfully maintained the high quality of educational level. It is implemented a Zonal system specially introduced by management team of school to increase the effectiveness and efficiency administration structure established with eight control units. The main stream has decentralized such as educational development, extra curricular activities, teachers and students welfare, well behave and to conduct disciplinary matters through this systematic way of delivery productive and efficient services.

                                                                                                                                        Although we have provided to a great extent of teaching facilities for Buddist students and maintain education facilities for other religious students as Christianity and Islamic at satisfactory level.

                                                         In this school there are mainly three sections. Primary section with 30 experienced teachers who are implementing new educational reforms well and 1000 students. Special Education unit is also included in primary section from grade one to five for disable students with audio, mental and multi disabilities. This unit is properly using the teaching techniques such as sign language and symbols. The Medium educational unit is compromised with classes from grade 6 to 11.The largest number of teachers and students are belonging to this section. In addition to the educational activities it can be seen very high participation in extracurricular activities. The senior section is compromised with three major steams. They are Science, Commerce and Arts. There are about 800 students are learning in this section.

               Now this school is a 1AB ‘Navodya’ school. When we review the 47 years time period of our school we can highly satisfied with the marvelous development in several ways. If the most of school has spent more time to create a tradition of their own, our school is achieving this target with in a shorter period than others.