•  16th of January 1974 our school has declared opened by the name of “ bandaranayake Vidayalaya”.( In mempry of Sri Lanka ‘s 4thprime minister the Hon.S.W.R.D.Bandaranayake .)
  •   Our 1st principal was Mr. H.M.A. Premarathne Hitinayake


  •   8 th of October 1977 Mr.S.B.R.J.B.Gannaruwaassigned his duties as 2nd Principal.
  •  name of our school has changed as “Janadipathi Vidylaya “ and developed as 2nd model primary school.
  •  Taken necessary action to conduct classes up to G.C.E.O/L.


  •  16th of July 1984 Mr. K.M.A.Kulathunga has appointed as 3rd principal.
  • Built 5 building collaboration with School DevelopmentSocitey.


  •  Name of our school has changed as Sir John Kothalawala Maha Vidyalaya.( in memory of Sri Lanaka’s 3 rd prime Minister Sir John Kothawala.)
  • The first Eastern Band of the school.
  •   31st of July 1986 opened Buddhist Shrine Room and Laboratory for Advance Level students.
  • Upgraded the school up to 1 AB Grade.


  •  On 26th of march 1988 provided water facilities and telephone facilities.
  • Built an office building ,three stories building ,play ground and a parapet wall.


  •  On 4th of June opened our school library.


  •  Started Special Education Unit.
  • On 16th of October opened the Dental Clinic Room.


  •  On 10th of February declared opened the building for Advanced Level Arts and Commerce Section.


  • Mr.B.S.Sikurajapathi has appointed as the principal for a short period.
  • On the 30th of April Mr.M.S.B.Senevirathna assigned his duties as the 5th principal.


  • On the 4th of April Mr .J.Rathnayake appointed as the principal .


  • On the 19th of November renovated the oldest building as fully completed assembly hall.
  • Built new three stories building with a laboratory and volleyball court.
  •  Celebrated “silver Jubilee” organized by the old pupils Association.